Today is a busy day. I’ve already used up much of my computer time in getting this website operational. I have to do lots of Domestic Errands today (read: acquire groceries) as well as get to the gym for a workout. The gym has been a bit frustrating lately, because it’s so fscking crowded, and they only have one elliptical machine, which is far and away my favorite method for aerobic exercise. I work up a good sweat without putting tons of stress on my knees and ankles. And they only have one. But hey, it’s a cheap gym for alumni. Then when I get home, I get to cook and have family time/wife time tonight. It’s quite probable I’ll write more tonight after both of my ladies are asleep.

I’d like to make this blog truly a reflection of what’s on my mind. This opens the subject matter up to a wide variety of possibilities, as I’m interested in a variety of topics. One of them is intellectual property issues, of which Linux activism is a subset. I just finished the Virtual Enclosures piece, so I invite you to print out a copy and read it. It’s the story as I see it of where we are in the intellectual property crisis, where “we” is the progressive/activist community. Though I generally don’t like to paint myself with labels, it is true that activists who may not be all that computer savvy are my target audience for this piece.

But I’m also interested in music, politics, philosophy, magic, religion, humor, fiction, movies, and many other things. This website will hopefully reflect these and other topics as I process them.

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