Welcome to the online home of James Lindenschmidt. I created this site to serve as both a hub for my various online presences, as well as a host for my blog and other writings.

As an audiogeek, I am the owner/operator of Crafted Recordings, and can help you record, mix, and master your sound performances. This site is also home to the Crafted Recordings Podcast.

I also do a lot of work in room acoustics, which is a natural outgrowth of my audiogeekery. These days I work with GIK Acoustics, mostly on the Acoustics & Audiogeekery blog. Before that, I spent nearly a decade as General Manager of RealTraps. In total, I have designed thousands of recording studios, theaters, and audiophile listening rooms. My knowledge of acoustics is probably the single biggest factor — apart from practice — in making me a good audio engineer.

I also write sometimes. When I do, it is often about spirituality and specifically Paganism. I’m very interested in radical politics, not necessarily out of fulfillment or enjoyment, but out of necessity because I love human beings, I love the planet we are on, and I have grave concerns about the future. Some of the writing, both my own and that of others, I am most excited about is at GodsAndRadicals.org. I firmly believe that these two topics (Pagan spirituality and radical politics) are, both conceptually and historically, fundamentally intertwined.

I also sometimes write for Recording Magazine.

I am the owner/operator of BardicBrews.net, where I share my craft hobbyist meadmaking and musings. I have an eBook available if you want to learn my method. I also regularly do meadmaking workshops near my home. Every recipe of mead I have ever made is on the site.

I’m a locavore foodie, and I really love cooking outside over a fire. I love a good story, and I find good stories go well with food and drink shared around a fire.

My academic training is in philosophy, but I have a deep appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches to learning. I would argue that philosophy was the first interdisciplinary mode of education, or rather it was the main mode of learning before specialized disciplines took hold.

All of these subjects and more are likely to make appearances on this site.

If you’d like to contact me, try JWL at this site’s domain.

The main image at the top of this site is a photograph I took of Glastonbury Tor in 2005. I miss that place.