Well, Freakwitch is about to begin recording our first album. Given that the drummer that was playing with us until last week quit, we need to find a way to move forward without waiting for a tight band. We tried, for several months, to wait until we had a tight band, and just as we were on the verge of getting one, the drummer bailed. Ah well. Another factor is that preparing for live shows seemed to suck all the focus we had. If we don’t book any gigs, and focus on recording, we’ll have something with some amount of permanence for our efforts. This is a good thing; although our January gigs were fun and useful, not many people were there, and those that were heard a loose band. But that’s OK. Recording it is.

This means I need to resume the learning curve of drum programming, since I will be the de facto producer for the Freakwitch sessions in our studio. Ah well. Progress will be slow at first as I tackle the learning curve, but it’s good work, work I’ve wanted to master for a long time now. The only remaining question is whether I go for natural-sounding acoustic drums, or some bizarre loops that aren’t trying to emulate a drum kit. I suspect we’ll have some of each.

We (Matt and I) don’t want to wait around for anyone. The further along we can push the project on our own, the more people will be attacted to it when the time comes. Forward momentum!

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