Hardware Hell

I’m currently in Hardware Hell. The power supply in my computer went *poof*, and it took my Linux hard drive with it. Originally I thought it was my motherboard that went kaput. So I have a new power supply and a new blank hard drive, and I’m writing this from Knoppix while I wait for MEPIS and PCLinuxOS to finish downloading so I can give them a try.

The really sucky part is that my backup CDRW, when I checked it, is BLANK. I had forgotten that when I last installed Fedora, I couldn’t make a backup for some reason. And I never tried again. This could mean that ALL of my data is gone. This would, of course, suck hugely. I may have an old backup floating around somewhere; I’ll have to dig. :-(

Needless to say, blogging will be light for the next day or three while I get my machine back in order…

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