KDE 3.2 in the Big News

The KDE 3.2 release made Yahoo! News:

Available in 42 languages and partially translated into an additional 32, KDE 3.2 is the result of a year-long, global development effort that included processing 2,000 feature requests and 10,000 bug reports into the new version.

KDE counts its global user base in the millions. It is the default user interface for Linux-based operating systems Ark Linux, Conectiva, Knoppix, Lindows, Lycoris, Mandrake Linux, SuSE Linux, TurboLinux and Xandros and is available as an option with Debian, Free/Open/NetBSD, Gentoo, Libranet, Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT – news) Linux, Slackware and Solaris.

Now, if only I could get it to work with Fedora

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