Mozilla Firefox

Well, what used to be called Mozilla Firebird, the browser I’ve been raving about here, is now called Mozilla Firefox. This is because there is apparently an open-source database project called Firebird. Note also, that Firefox released version 0.8 today, getting ever closer to that 1.0 release.

Also, the Mozilla Thunderbird email client released version 0.5 today.

Both of these programs, just to clarify, are previews of the next-generation of Mozilla. The developers took regular Mozilla 1.5 (which has everything, the browser, email, etc. wrapped up in one program) and split it into its component parts. I believe that when Firefox and Thunderbird (and possibly nVu) are at version 1.0, they’ll together be packaged as Mozilla 2.0. But I’m not sure. They may just keep them separate.

Anyway, both of these programs look really sweet. I want to install them asap, but I’m having a disk space issue on my /usr partition at the moment. :-(

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