New Job

I got a new part-time job today. I’ll be taking incoming calls for AAA in Northern New England. It looks like a good job, one that I’ll be able to do well, and more importantly that I’ll be able to forget about when I leave. I’ll be working part time, 2-10:30pm, on Saturdays and Sundays. Though I’m not crazy about working every weekend, at least it won’t interfere with my “homeschooling dad” responsibilities.

It’s a seasonal position, but I was told that they end up keeping about 80% of their seasonal help based on scheduling and performance. I should do really well at this job (I learn fast and have all the necessary skills), and the fact that I’m willing to work every weekend should help a lot. So I think this will turn into a permanent position.

The extra cash flow will help, of course. In addition to putting money toward bills, I should be able to start thinking about a new motherboard for the studio computer, some new recording software for the studio computer, and also possibly a linux laptop for myself. When it becomes permanent, I may be able to afford to make car payments for us as well. Time will tell. Let’s get some hours in first, and see where things go from there.

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