The Tide

Just a brief note to say that I’m very encouraged by the direction of public sentiment against the Bush cabal in Washington. Virtually no one I know is for Bush anymore. The prime legacy of the Bush administration, I believe, is that they have brought corruption, greed, and cronyism into the foreground. In other words, a lot of the stuff they pull has been going on for a long time. But with the Bushites, they do it openly for all to see. No wonder the world hates what the American government stands for…

The amount of cognitive dissonance that a Bush supporter has to have — the sheer number of utter contradictions that Bush supporters have to hold in their mind — means that anytime you question one of them, you can actually smell the smoke. Sometimes you can even see the sparks.

I can’t see how Bush can “win” an “election” in November. This does not mean, of course, that he won’t be president again. It will be interesting to watch.

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