Why Windows Isn’t Ready for the Desktop

Heh. This is a very nice piece of satire. From the article:

Now the object of this article was not to make GNU/Linux appear perfect, but instead to demonstrate that it can provide a superior desktop experience for many over the traditional proprietary operating system. GNU/Linux has millions of users and is growing because of its ability to excel in so many different areas, so the next time someone tries to tell you that ‘GNU/Linux isn’t ready for the desktop’, ask them, ‘Whose desktop do you mean?’.

The biggest point of the article is one I’ve made before: when you install MS Windows, you have an operating system. That’s it. You still have to install all the applications you will be using.

But when you install a modern Linux distribution, it comes with hundreds and hundreds of applications. This concept is alien to most users; it’s difficult to believe that you install one thing, and then after that you have virtually everything you need to operate a computer.

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