catching up

I’ve been busy this week. Lots of things on my mind.

First of all, there is quite a bit of what I would call “ambient negativity” around. Lots of people I know, myself included I suppose (at least to some degree), are dealing with it. A good friend and I have been joking about “inner weather,” jokes about “partly cloudy with an occasional glimpse of the sun” etc. I’m not sure what the source of this negativity is. Those of us who are sensitive to such energies have a lot on our plates; if nothing else, look at the current political climate. I think it’s going to be interesting between now and the end of this calendar year.

On another note: some people very close to me are also involved in a conflict, a conflict I’ve tried to stay out of but ended up being pulled into. So I’ve tried to cultivate an attitude of detached compassion for it, and see if I can help them go toward the light and out of the wilderness.

My wife and I have decided to investigate buying a car, and finding an offseason rental somewhere on the coast of Maine. Our current lease is up at the end of September, and we had thought about finding a place to settle down, possibly buying a house. And though we were preapproved for a mortgage, we’ve decided to put that off for several months. I think a seasonal rental would be good for us, plus it would be very cool to live near a beach for a winter. I think Mo would love it, I know I would. I also just think it makes more sense to have a car before we try to buy a house. As long as we can figure out the transportation-to-work thing, we should be fine.

I’m thinking quite a bit about acoustic treatments for the studio. It appears that to do everything I want to do would cost several hundred dollars. So I’ll have to do it in stages; the trick now is to figure out where and when to start. Step one, I think, is to acquire some rigid fiberglass panels, as these are the best, most cost-effective acoustic treatments available.

All for now, just wanted to give an update…

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