Turn and face the strain…

Lots of changes are in the works. I haven’t been updating much here because these changes have commanded most of my attention over the past several weeks. As I wrote a couple entries ago, we decided to look for both a new place to live and a new (used) car to buy. Since then, we’ve accomplished both.

After a nonzero amount of hassle, we have are shiny new 2001 Mercury Sable GS. That photo on the page is the right color, though our car has a few more miles on it than that one. We also paid much less for the car. Magic works, without a doubt. :-)

The second piece of news is that we also found a new place to live, in Ocean Park, Maine, just down the road from Old Orchard Beach. Actually, if you didn’t know better, you’d just assume it was part of OOB; I didn’t even realize that it was a separate municipality. We had considered buying a house, but our lease runs out at the end of September, and we just ran out of time. 5 weeks is not enough time to buy a house intelligently. So we decided to do the offseason rental. So as it turns out, we’ll be spending the winter (until June 1st 2005) on the beach.

Not much else going on. The time has seemed ripe for ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, without question. Despite the hassle, this feels very right.

Forward momentum!

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