Double Standards: Bill Clinton and the “Anybody But Bush” Movement

This is a very insightful article, one that I think everyone voting for Kerry — or even thinking about voting for Kerry — should read. From the opening paragraph:

If the democrats take power this November they will probably continue the same policies as Bush. We know this because Clinton did basically the same thing when he was in office. To think otherwise is to ignore history and the democrat’s records. The “Anybody but Bush” (ABB) movement is founded on a basically irrational hatred of Bush that completely ignores the record of the democrats the last time they were in power. The ABB movement practices a double standard: when republicans do something it’s wrong but when democrats do the same thing it’s okay (or didn’t happen at all). In party politics it is always the other party’s fault, never the system’s fault. If a democrat were in office and implemented the same policies Bush has most of the ABBers would support him. We know this because Clinton implemented many of the same policies ABBers criticize Bush for yet they didn’t develop the same kind of hatred towards Clinton they have towards Bush. Most outright supported Clinton and the minority who didn’t support him did not develop the kind of irrational hatred towards Clinton they have towards Bush.

In some ways, it is a restatement of the Naderesque maxim that there is little or no difference between the 2 major parties. But this article takes a look at history. In 1992, when Clinton took the White House, very little changed. The value of this article is that it is a laundry list of ways in which nothing changed.

I’m still going back and forth on the vote, it will most likely be a game time decision for me. But I keep returning to the fact that a vote for Kerry is about as inauthentic as I can be in terms of voting.

1992 was the first election where I was truly excited by the results. When Clinton won, I had a real sense of “now things can change.” Even in 1996, when Dole faded out like the lingering overhang of a post-bean-burrito fart, I had the feeling that Clinton would save the best for last now that he didn’t have to worry about getting re-elected. Silly me. One disappearing cigar and a stain on a blue dress later, Clinton was done in.

Bottom line: The System™ is broken, and any attempt to fix things from within The System™ is not addressing the problem and will therefore fail.

So, like, viva la revolucion or something.

Though the back of my head says “be careful what you ask for…”

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