Trouble on the Island

About 2 weeks ago, Matt and I wrote a song. As is usual with us, I wrote the music/chord progressions/parts, Matt wrote the lyrics and the vocal melody, and we collaborated on the arrangement. This is our usual mode of writing; I come up with some sort of groove/chord progression, and we jam on it while Matt improvises lyrics. Hopefully I’ll have a part A, part B, and a part C, ie, several different progressions that together, once arranged, will make up a song.

One of the songs we wrote 2 weeks ago is called “Trouble on the Island.” The island metaphor was particularly striking to me, since Marillion’s song Fantastic Place uses the island as a metaphor for intimacy, escape, and relationships.

But one of the lines in our song has to do with an incoming tidal wave (I can’t remember the exact line). Which of course, given recent news from Asia seems a bit jarring, to say the least. I’ve certainly felt the human repercussions of this gigantic sneeze from Mother Nature. A great disturbance in the force, perhaps?

Perhaps with Matthew’s help I can post some lyrics here soon, or better yet on

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