We rode the train yesterday for 8 hours from Edinburgh to Lostwithiel, a beautiful town in Cornwall where some new friends and fellow Marillion Weekenders (Mr. and Mrs. Beowulf — or at least those are their screen names on the Marillion forum) live. I’m writing this from their beautiful and comfortable home. My daughter is thrilled, as there are two little Beowulfs running about who are almost exactly the same age as her, so really for the first time this trip she has found some children excited to play with her, and don’t just stare at her uncomfortably because she talks funny.

The train ride was split neatly in half; 4 hours from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross station, a short tube ride over to Paddington station, and then another 4 hour train ride out to Cornwall. As beautiful as Scotland was, it was riding west through Somerset just south of Glastonbury where I found the landscape the most beautiful. It called to me in a very primal way, the gentle rolling hills interspersed with crop fields, these lands have been trodden for who knows how many thousands of years. There is a peculiar spiritual resonance I feel for this place that words cannot express.

We’ll spend the remainder of our trip here in Cornwall until we take the train back to London to catch our flight out of Heathrow back to Boston. Over the next few days I hope to walk around Cornwall, and perhaps travel to places like Tintagel or the Hurlers stone circle.

I should have a chance to post more in the next few days, so I’ll sign off for now.

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