Sea Water

For the first time all season, I stuck my feet into the sea today. Yup. Still cold. But in a good way today. Today was fantastic. It’s been gorgeous out, as I lamented in the audio post below. Today was even better; it was in the 70s.

I woke up to discover my beautiful wife making one of her fantastic quiches. Some friends came over, and I gave a Reiki session, which was quite nice. After that we went to the beach for a while, which was when I dunked my feet.

I was hoping to get a bike ride in today. My bike needs some maintenance; I got a set of allen wrenches the other day hoping that it would be enough to get me back on the road. So when I went to fix it today, I discovered that I have a broken spoke on the rear wheel. So I need to take the wheel in for repair.

Since a bike ride was out of the question, I decided to go to the gym for a workout. It was a quick one, strenuous but good. I tried a new strategy on the elliptical machine; I used less resistance and moved at a higher speed. It felt good.

I also did another shovelglove routine when I got home. My shoulder seems pretty much back to normal. I got one twinge in the gym, but it feels much, much better today.

I made a great dinner for my family, and we spent some good time together today. Had a nice evening with my wife, and then a fantastic phone conversation to end my day.

Tomorrow will be another shovelglove routine (I’m going to try to do the daily M-F routine this week), and then I’ll be in the studio all day, reinstalling sonar and resuming work on the Freakwitch project while our kids play outside in the beautiful day.

Life is good.

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