moving, carpentry, and juggling

Well, we move early next week, so we’re starting to think about the long list of stuff we need to do. Though as moving goes, this one is pretty low-stress by comparison for two reasons: a) we don’t have much stuff; and b) 85% of our stuff is already packed and in storage.

It looks like I’ll get to exercise my Inner Carpenter at the new place; one of the first things I want to do is to buy some lumber to build bookshelves. This will be the first time that I’ll be able to have all of my books out on shelves, as opposed to in boxes. I’m greatly looking forward to this; having my books accessible is important to me for reasons I can’t quite explain. Something about access to one’s own intellectual history. Or something.

Another carpentry project on the horizon is to build a loft bed for my daughter. Basically, the idea is to build a sort of bunk bed, where the bed itself is on the top bunk and where the bottom bunk would be will be a desk. She’s excited by the idea of having both a loft bed and a desk, which is cool. And besides, a homeschooled child should clearly have her own desk.

Sadly, lumber prices are at an all-time high right now. All those damn hippie tree huggers standing in the way of industry must be getting expensive. Cough. Actually, the reconstruction of Iraq seems to be behind spiking lumber prices too.

So, as busy as this time is, I continue to juggle the myriad of emotions within me. They’re all still there, and they’re all still demanding my attention. Just trying to stay afloat, focus more on my daily activities and get things done (being sick for the better part of 2 weeks has put a damper in this as well; I’ve had lots of time to kick back and reflect, which is not necessarily what I’ve watned to be doing lately).

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