I’m getting more excited about our return to Portland. Part of me wishes we ended up out in the country, closer to where my recording studio is. One goal is to spend more time doing music, so that would have been a natural way to go about it. Indeed, there was a 2-bedroom apartment that opened up next door to the studio; it turned out I was 2nd in line to get that place, and the 1st person in line wanted it. Ah well.

But returning to Portland makes sense. I like Portland. I miss walking through Portland. And, we’ll have off-street parking, which removes the biggest hassle at living in Portland. I won’t have to worry about moving my car during snow parking bans. This is clearly a good thing.

Plus, it means that we’ll elminate about 200 miles per week of commute drivetime, as my wife and I will each be able to walk, ride, or bus to work. Driving less is in itself a good thing, but another benefit is that whoever is home with Mo will have a car to go Do Stuff. And I’ll still drive to the studio at least twice weekly, a 30 minute drive rather than a 20 minute drive. So in the end, I think it’s worth it.

In the end, we’ll drive less, and I’ll be more free to go to the studio. This rocks.

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