weather instability and lack of connectivity

The weather has been crazy the past few days. Lots of thunderstorms, which are rare in Maine. Both yesterday and today were hot days with some serious sudden temperature drops. Today it was in the 90s, and it dropped to 59 within a few minutes. It was also humid, and all that humidity turned to fog with the cooler temperatures.

Yesterday I was driving to my studio in the rain with the windows cracked, and in the space of like 200 feet the temperature dropped dramatically; I had to roll the windows up to avoid the cold, and my outside mirrors fogged over instantly. Very cool.

I saw The Day After Tomorrow a few weeks ago, which of course deals with sudden weather anomalies, to a much more catastrophic effect than what I saw here. But it got me thinking.

And global warming — where the net effect is an overall rise in temperatures, with local anomalies and irregularities — is a myth. Yeah. Right.

I still don’t have net access at home. Bleah, hiss, pfftth! I went to a coffeeshop with wifi yesterday to try to at least download my mail and to say hello to some people on chat, but I couldn’t even get all my mail. This really sucks.

At work, we are seriously shorthanded; they’ve hired more people but they don’t start training until Monday. Which means it’s been busy with calls in queue all day long. This makes my job much less fun. Not that it’s normally fun by any stretch. More accurate to say it makes my job much less tolerable.

All for now. Don’t feel like writing much else.

Oh yeah. Freakwitch has a gig on Wednesday. Come see us at the Asylum at 7pm.

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