local vibrations

I haven’t been in the mood to write much lately. But, there’s lots going on. Things are still moving, big time. In no particular order:

  • Freakwitch has a new drummer. Things look quite promising on this front; it would appear that he is interested in the long curve of Freakwitch progress, as opposed to just sitting in. He’s a bit rusty as he hasn’t played much in six years. But, he’s played with us 3 times which means I have 3 points from which to extrapolate a curve. And this curve looks quite promising. He’s a bright guy, with room in his life for a project like this, he’s been a good friend to the family for several years, and he seems dedicated to the long haul. This is the best Freakwitchy news in a long time, despite the fact that it means we need to shift gears somewhat in terms of album recording. Doesn’t matter; it’ll dramatically improve everything: albums, gigs, everything.
  • Fitness is going well. It’s amazing how much better I feel — mind, body, spirit — when I eat less. And I feel strong from the exercises I’m doing. But I promised that I wouldn’t bore people with fitnessSpeak(tm) in this space, so that’s enough for now.
  • I’ve been interested more in the intersection of quantum physics and magic or metaphysics. I’ve been trying to think of a name for this: quantum psychology isn’t quite it, but perhaps quantum mysticism is. Who knows. I’m rereading my copy of Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. A good review. I’m still itching to study calculus; I’ve never taken a calc class before. I didn’t get that far in high school for a variety of reasons, and in college I only needed a basic college math course. I also took a logic class which was fun.
  • It’s cloudy, cool, and dreary here in Maine. Odd for July. July was birthday month in my family, my (now deceased) aunt, my mother, myself, and my father have birthdays in July, as well as my parents’ wedding anniversary. So I have lots of memories of July, and very few of them involve highs in the 60s and waking up cold in the middle of the night. Ah well.
  • Still moving through the energies and emotions of the past few months. It’s been difficult, but a good journey. It feels like an initiation of sorts. I can see some pretty amazing realities from where I stand now; it’s a matter of skillfully navigating the quantum field before me to manifest those realities. Move toward the good stuff, and let go of the bad stuff. Easier said than done… but eminently possible.
  • My to-do list currently contains finishing George Caffentzis’ book, installing a new version of Linux onto my laptop, and fixing a fan on my desktop computer, as well as installing a new version of Linux there. I need a long, uninterrupted day to accomplish these computer tasks.
  • Trying not to be too weirded out by the terrorist attacks in London, and my recent prediction that there would be another imminent terrorist attack based on the proliferation of shark attack stories in the corporate media. Less than a week later, boom. Funny old thing, life…

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