Dead Can Dance

I saw Dead Can Dance tonight. The show was quite good. It was the 2 main people in the band, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, along with a half-dozen backing musicians. There was a synth player, 2 percussionists, and 3 multi-instrumentalists.

The seats were amazing. We were literally 5th row center, right in front of the stage. I was close enough to watch the contortions in Lisa Gerrard’s throat as she sang. It was incredible; this woman is a genetic wonder with considerable training and practice. Turns out she is sick; this explains the few bad notes I heard from her tonight. I felt bad for her; her energy seemed off, she looked like she was in pain. Even her smile was strained. She has an incredible voice, and tends to get a lot of the press for Dead Can Dance.

But Brendan is one of my favorite singers, very underrated with a haunting baritone. And he was spot on tonight. One of the first notes he sang tonight was a bit off, but he just wasn’t loose. Once he settled in, he didn’t miss a note the rest of the night. A strong, strong voice. He also is a great acoustic guitar player, and quite proficient in drums, bass, and several other hand instruments lying around. A solid performance.

Thanks to my friends who hosted us and acquired the tickets. Masterful job in ticket acquisition! A great night.

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