For as long as I can remember, I haven’t regularly remembered my dreams. Much of this is due to some sleep difficulties I’ve battled over the years, but these difficulties are largely behind me. Yet, I still don’t often remember my dreams. I wish I had more of these memories; there is a rich, millenia-old tradition of dreams and dream interpretation enhancing one’s spiritual experience. But every once in a while, I have a doozy that I remember with vivid detail, they are like small gifts, crystalline images punctuating my spiritual reality.

Last night was one of those dreams.

One of the keys to active work in dreamspace is to learn to trust the dreams, and to trust your interpretation of said dreams. It similar to the development of psychic awareness/abilities; we all have these abilities, it’s just a matter of learning to tune into them and trust one’s perception of them.

Yet I find myself in a quandary. I have the dream; its meaning, at least on the surface, is very clear and very vivid, and the plot of the dream very pleasing to me. Yet, I am hesitant to interpret the dream literally because the contents of the dream aren’t just about me. It could easily be wishful thinking on my part about the behavior of others. So I’m in that space where my rational mind is rejecting the immediate, literal interpretation on ethical grounds (no power-over, no asserting my will without regard to the will of others involved), and I haven’t yet found an alternative interpretation. There could be a serious disconnect between meaning in this dream, and meaning in everyday life. This difficulty is further complicated by the fact that another person — one of the main characters in this dream apart from myself — is also very active in dreamspace.

So yes, keeping this grounded, and looking at it from as many different angles as possible is in order here. I’m sure the meaning will become clearer to me over time.

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