Car Audio

I just ordered a new in-dash CD Player for our car. I’m wicked excited about it. This unit also plays MP3s that have been burned to CD, so that’s cool. Car audio has come a long way.

My first job out of high school in the late 80s was as a car audio installer (also alarms, cellphones, etc). I got into doing high-end car installations back then; much to my chagrin, most of my clients wanted me to make their cars into giant bass cabinets that could be heard booming from blocks away. Very few people were actually interested in what I was interested in, which was clean, accurate, detailed sound in the car. It’s an elusive goal given the acoustic challenges of an automobile (small space, lots of reflective surfaces, road noise, etc). But it can certainly be done; there are a lot of cars out there with superior audio systems.

So I’ll get to install this unit when it arrives later this week. Very cool! CDs in the car again, right on!

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