Internet Exploder

Well, I’m at work, where they only have Internet Exploder installed. Since this horrible excuse for a browser still commands overwhelming market share, I was eager to see how the new design looks from this browser.

Grade: F

It doesn’t render the site correctly, because IE does not adhere to web standards in terms of how it renders HTML and CSS. For those of you who don’t know what this means, basically IE doesn’t render web pages correctly. It’s a problem because so many people use IE, that they think this broken, ill-conceived piece of “innovation” (ha, ha) is actually correct.

Furthermore — and I absolutely LOVE this — this little ol’ web page seems to crash IE. Of course I’ve had no problems whatsoever with Firefox, further testament to the power of Free software over proprietary software.

I think I’ll keep this page as is. If you’re using IE, you should stop. This page is proof of why. Get a better alternative.

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