acoustics and studio construction

My mind has been on acoustics lately. Not acoustic guitars, but on ways in which one can improve the sound of a room. In particular, I’m trying to improve the sound of our studio. I have A Cunning Plan(tm) that I actually think we might be able to afford.

But in coming up with this cunning plan, I’ve discovered many people writing about the same problem, ie, how to get a small room to sound good. And in reading about on the net, I came across this behemoth of a studio build diary by a guy in the UK. His work and craftsmanship is stunning. He started in his garage, ripping out the floor so that there was literally a dirt floor, and built up from there — 2 concrete floors (one floated on top of the other for isolation), and 7 layers of sheetrock for sound isolation. This thread is 123 pages long as of now and is highly detailed with lots of, as he says, “piccies.” Fascinating stuff to see what is possible for the truly obsessed. I literally got lost in that thread for 2 or 3 days.

Our modest space and budget won’t allow for anything like that, at least not now. However, I’m confident that my plan will make our studio room much more listenable, to the point where I could probably actually mix songs in it. And that’s A Good Thing.

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