a numbers milestone: 100, 411, and 309.8

So what is 100 pounds? 200 rolls of toilet paper. 1 cubic foot of topsoil. 6 average car tires. 23 2-liter bottles of soda. 7 Edgars (my daughter’s poodle). 3,024 compact discs.

100 pounds is also the amount of weight I have lost from my highest known weight, about 15 years ago.

I once weighed 411 pounds. Very likely, I weighed more than that, as after seeing that unfathomable number on the scale I went for several years without weighing myself.

This morning, I got on the scale, and it read 309.8. For the first time I am below 311, which means I’ve lost more than 100 pounds.

There are many reasons for the weight loss (walking, eating vegetarian/vegan, shovelgloving, the No-S Diet, t’ai chi, yoga) but my latest round of weight loss has come from the master cleanse fast. I’m presently on day 7 of the fast.

It is possible that when I break the fast I will put some weight back on. I’m already budgeting for this mentally, but I have some ideas about how to stabilize and continue the weight loss. Overall my weight stays pretty steady; I’ve been at 325 fairly consistently for 2 years now.

Anyway, forgive this moment of exuberance and self-indulgence over personal accomplishment, but GO ME! :-D

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  1. Wow! GO YOU, indeed! Sounds like you’ve really been working hard toward your goal. You deserve the pat on the back. So go right ahead and (self-)indulge … no apologies necessary :).

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