Yep, Linux is better….

Proof here, with commentary from Slashdot:

From install time to GUI efficiency, Ubuntu beats Windows and is often twice as fast. Where Windows 7 is competitive, the difference is something the average user would not notice. The average GNU/Linux user is now getting better absolute performance from their computer as well as better value than the average Windows user.

Where have I heard this before? I’m running Linux Mint on my laptop these days, and it’s awesome. Compiz Fusion is really cool, and doesn’t seem to cause a performance lag. I can now use Linux with work… everythign I want to use the laptop for just works.

One thought on “Yep, Linux is better….”

  1. Totally, you can even use wine to run some stuff as if you were on Windows, if you really have to. I think it takes a little more of a power user type to do some things in Linux, but with all the on-line tutorials, it is totally doable.

    I've been able to leverage ancient (in computer years) hardware quite nicely using Linux. I've got some $200.00 machines doing $800.00 machine work.

    Linux, at least Ubuntu, is getting a little more "bloaty" these days, but it's still a great distro and there are lots of other light weight versions out there.

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