Audiogeek maintenance

I did some audiogeek maintenance last night. On a recent recording session I noticed some pops and clicks in the resultant recording, a problem I had encountered previously but thought I had fixed. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about it.

I looked and discovered that my main interface had a new driver available, so I installed that. Then I recorded silence for 4-5 minutes, carefully watching the waveforms there, and found nothing amiss. Hopefully this fixed the problem.

I like this interface a lot. It sounds good, clear, and has 8 decent/clean mic pres in them I use as a backup. I can also connect my main mic preamps to it via ADAT lightpipe. If this new driver doesn’t work then I have a few more ideas for tracking down the problem (having to do with syncing the 2 digital units together), but I am optimistic about the new drivers because it was a commonly-reported problem, and many people have gotten great results with the new driver.

Overall I’m feeling good. I’ve made some really nice recordings with it recently, and if this pop/click problem gets resolved I’ll again have very high confidence in this setup. Any upgrade to this setup will give negligible improvements in sound quality, and will cost an order of magnitude higher.