Hard drive space

Well, I’m thinking of reconfiguring my hard drives on my local computer. I still have Windows98 installed on one of the hard drives, which I almost never use these days. The only thing I use Windows for is to run ACID for songwriting, so I can make drum loops. Because at one point I was doing music production on this machine, I gave the faster hard drive to Windows. Now most of that data is just sitting there. I’ll probably keep Windows around for my daughter’s games and for ACID, but the rest is just fluff. I don’t need it. Everything else that I need works far better under Linux.

So what I think I will do is archive most of my Windows data, partition that disk (maybe 7 or 8 gigs for Windows, the rest for Linux), and reinstall Linux to that disk. Then I can take my other hard drive (currently partitioned for Linux) and use it for only storing ogg and mp3 files (this is what most of the drive is now anyway).

So when I reinstall, the question becomes “which Linux”? A month or two ago I installed Fedora Core 1, but the more I use it the less I like it. It’s just too slow, and it needs lots of stroking to get everything I want on it. So I guess I’m officially looking for a new Linux distro. I may give Debian another go, or MEPIS, or PCLinuxOS, or Libranet. Not sure… I need to think about this some more.

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