mmmm, coffeeeeeee

In the past 5 years I have gone from not drinking coffee at all to being a coffee snob. I have the same attitude about coffee that I do about beer; I’m just not interested in Budweiser or Maxwell House or Miller or Folgers. If I want coffee/beer, I want something real, with depth and flavor.

There is a local coffee shop/roaster called Coffee By Design that makes the best coffee beans. I like their dark roasted coffees best; in particular, their Organic French Roast is quite good.

Up until now, I have used a french press for brewing coffee. It does yield a quite strong cup, though the maker has complete control over the brewing process (water temperature, concentration of coffee, brewing time, etc.). But today, my wife got me a new brewer, a double-loaded automatic drip kind. Way cool. I’m sipping the first results of it (using CBD’s Casco Bay Blend), and it’s pretty good. Let’s see if I can get used to this method of brewing…

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