Speaking of Firefox

A very flattering review has come out. See “Firefox 0.8 is the release that won me over”. A couple of interesting points. First:

My rule of thumb is this: the computer should try to be faster than I am. If I find myself waiting for the computer to do something, then I need to find out what’s the bottleneck. My view is this: the bottleneck should always be the human.

Interesting point. I wonder if this phenomenon is the motivation for Moore’s Law? I mean, why do computers always have to be faster and faster?

The conclusion of the review, by the way:

All told, this browser is an excellent piece of engineering and the Mozilla team must be very satisfied with the work that they are contributing to the internet community. It takes a lot to get me to switch software packages, but after over 2 years I have finally found my new web browser.

When I create some more hard drive space I plan to install it.

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