Osama surrounded?

I just read this article:

Be warned that the information comes to us through one unnamed source. But considering that most of our military information comes to us from one source — the government — time will be the judge of what is true or not: Two British papers, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Express, reported Osama Bin Laden is surrounded by U.S. Special Forces in an area of land bordering northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The claim is attributed to “a well-placed intelligence source” in Washington, who is quoted as saying: “He [Bin Laden] is boxed in.”

The papers say the hostile terrain makes an all-out conventional military assault impossible. The plan to capture him would depend on a “grab-him-and-go” style operation.

“U.S. helicopters already sited on the Afghanistan border will swoop in to extricate him,” The Telegraph wrote. It claims Bin Laden and his men “sleep in caves or out in the open. The area is swept by fierce snowstorms howling down from the 10,000 foot-high mountain peaks. Donkeys are the only transport.”

The U.S. Special Forces are “absolutely confident” there is no escape for Bin Laden, and are awaiting the order to go in and get him. The timing of that order will ultimately depend on President Bush, the source said. “Capturing Bin Laden will certainly be a huge help for him as he gets ready for the election.”

Yeah. Go figure. This idea has been around for a while, that Osama would magically appear in US hands at the most opportune time for Bush. Time will tell…

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