Signs of Spring

A few days ago, a good friend who has had a very rough winter asked me, “is it spring yet?” My response was, “no. Go back to sleep.” But now I think spring is imminent. There are signs of it everywhere. I was walking with my daughter the other day, and we stopped for a moment.

“Shhhh. Listen,” I said.

“What?” Mo asked.

“It’s running water. Look, it’s coming from that drain pipe there from that church. All the water on the roof of the church is melting, and it comes down the gutters, into the pipe, and down to the ground.”


“You know what this means, don’t you? It’s warmer now. Spring is coming. Mama Earth is waking up.”

“Awwwwww, yeah!”

It’s been a long winter. Very different in character from last year. Last year there was a ton of snow. This year, we didn’t get all that much. But, it was a very cold winter. I think it only rose above freezing once in the entire month of January, and it spent way too much time in the single-digits or below zero. But now it’s warmer. It’s been in the 40s most of the week, and this week it’s supposed to go into the 50s.

I can feel spring coming after all. Nature is calling to me again. The warmer weather, whether it be summer here in Maine, or travel to another place, beckons. This is timed with my increased walking as of late; I really want to be outdoors more this year.

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