Goodbye to Portland

Well, we are declaring victory for the night. We are 85% packed after a good long day of work. We’re going to crash early tonight, and rise early tomorrow for the move. Get the truck home by 9am, load it, then go to the new place to drop of stuff we’ll need, then put the rest of our stuff into storage, then return the truck.

Then, we make a new home, albeit a temporary one.

My next post will come from the beach.

It’s been an amazing 7 years in Portland. This is a great city, without a doubt. As I commonly said, it’s about as much city as I want to deal with.

I’ve changed quite a bit since living here. One thing this place has taught me is that we are heavily influenced by proximity. What is around us, influences us. The universe vibrates, and we entrain with those vibrations.

Portland has been good to me. I’ll miss it.

But exciting days are afoot…

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