Movement, flow, and interconnectedness

Well, we’re in. I unpacked our last box yesterday, and took the last box to put into storage. It was a suprisingly effortless move. It’s quite nice to be able to run down to the beach for a quick sniff of ocean air before driving into work.

I’ve been virtually incommunicado since the move, because RoadRunner isn’t hooked up yet. I called weeks ago to try to get it so that the service was ready to go when I moved in, and was told it wouldn’t be a problem at all, and to call back the week of the move. I called back on Monday, and they “set it up for me.” I got there, of course, and nothing works. They are supposed to call me to set up an installation, which is where we stand. I have to wait around. Hopefully they’ll call on Monday.

So I’ve missed everyone. If you have emailed me recently and not gotten a response, this is why. Call me at home if you want to reach me.

I’ve also missed events. I have no idea what happened with the debate the other night. I’m almost glad.

On another note, I saw Yo again last night. Looks like he’s ready to settle back in to the Freakwitch reality — we’ll have a bass player again! Yeah!

More anon.

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