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Many of you have heard by now that Cat Stevens was diverted to Bangor, ME and denied entry to the US. But what isn’t as widely reported in America is that Marillion was also on the plane:

Speaking from Bangor, Marillion singer Steve Hogarth, 45, told PA News: “We flew today on Flight 919 to Washington Dulles en route to Mexico City where we have two shows.

“At 1453 (Eastern Time), the plane touched down. As it touched down, an announcement was made by the stewardess that we were not landing in Washington because of bad weather.

“Then there was an announcement made by the captain saying they stopped to refuel. But after another period, of about 10 minutes, the captain made another announcement saying it was, in fact, an FBI security alert.”

Mr Hogarth added: “We all had to get off the plane.”

Passengers then went through immigration and Mr Hogarth was warned not use his camera.

He said: “This was pretty peculiar and I had wanted to record it for my diary.

“I then met a security guard who said the two people escorted off the plane were Cat Stevens and his daughter.”

Mr Hogarth added: “I was really stunned. Everybody knows he converted to the Muslim faith. He is a pacifist and a great songwriter.”

He said security men were swabbing bags as they began the process to reboard.

I think Marillion are discovering firsthand that America is a very different place now than it was last time they were here, 7 years ago.

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