Intellectual Property Protection Act

It looks like the next phase of legal code for advancing the Virtual Enclosures is in the works. This article by Eric Hellweg explains the new “Intellectual Property Act[IPPA]” that is in the legal pipeline. Apparently under this new act, fast-forwarding through recorded commercials would be illegal, and p2p networks would become illegal.

Now, speaking as an artist, I find this utterly objectionable. Because some corporations who represent artists don’t want p2p around, then I as an independent artist would be deprived of my main avenue for finding my audience. This is just wrong.

Look at the language used by an RIAA spokesperson:

“We certainly support it,” says Jonathan Lamy, spokesperson for the RIAA. “It includes a number of things to strengthen the hand of law enforcement to combat piracy. Intellectual property theft is a national security crime. It’s appropriate that the fed dedicate resources to deter and prosecute IP theft.”

The “War On Nouns” mindset is leaking: we need to “combat” “piracy” for national security. Amazing.

For more information on the IPPA, look on the Public Knowledge site.

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