Caliban and the Witch

I’m still reading Caliban and the Witch. It’s a bit slow going because a) I’m really busy right now; and b) it’s a very detailed analysis of the objectification of bodies and their subsequent exploitation at the dawn of capitalism. Kind of a dry topic for many of us. But it’s important in several ways.

First, for as many witches (freaky or otherwise) out there, and especially for as many politically aware and active witches that are out there, this book is essential. We must know our history.

Secondly, this book reinforces the idea that capitalism did not come out of nowhere. There are centuries of bloodshed, torture, war, oppression, repression, persecution, injustice, colonialism, imperialism, racism, sexism, and all the rest that go bundled with the rise and sustenance of capitalism. This is important to remember. Despite any good that has come from capitalism, these details of capitalism’s legacy of violence must not be forgotten.

If you are interested in learning more about why things are the way they are, if the election of 2004 disillusioned you in any way, if you are asking “Anybody But Bush didn’t work; now what?” then I would urge you to check this out. It might take you to a place where you can begin to build answers to these most fundamental questions.

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