Le Recinzioni Virtuali?

According to Babelfish and Google, “The Virtual Enclosures” translated into Italian is “Le Recinzioni Virtuali.” Another site says “Gli Allegati Virtuali.” Or according to Babelfish, the entire title is “Dai terreni comunali virtuali alle recinzioni virtuali: Giro e Contatore-Giro nell’età delle informazioni.”

I was recently contacted by an Italian publisher who wants to translate my Virtual Enclosures article into Italian and publish it in a book and possibly also online. Cool.

I have a natural interest in the process of translation, from largely a hermeneutic persective. From one perspective, to translate a text is to do violence to that text. But from another, it will make my writings accessible to more people. This is a good thing. I wish I could read Italian so I could see how my thoughts flow in that language.

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