studio updates

Well, I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been quite busy, as always, and I suppose not terribly inspired to write, or I’d have made time for it.

On a personal level, it’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve kept up with the don’t-eat-after-9pm thing, and I’ve started back at the gym regularly. Still kinda waiting for the energy boost that comes from working out; that will come with time as my body re-acclimates to physical activity.

The big news is that all the studio
upgrades are in place and functional. The coolest part of this is that all my audio data lives on my portable hard drive, so when I go to the studio I can just take the hard drive with me, plug it in, and begin working immediately. Then when I come home to the laptop, I can plug it in there and get more work done. Pretty cool, and a very efficient way to work. I can also back up data to the studio computer’s hard drive.

I’ve spent lots of time editing a Freakwitch song and it’s going well. After the past year of assimilating all the new studio technology, I finally have the confidence to know what to do with all this gear.

Matt and I have been talking about ways in which we are “getting in our own way.” And we both feel energy shifting again toward getting this album finished. This is good.

I’ve started thinking more about acoustic treatments for the studio, which are desperately needed. There was a thread on the cakewalk forums about some very efficient — and reasonably priced — ways to build bass traps that look intriguing. It will still be a significant expenditure, several hundred dollars at least (without even insulating the ceiling, another important step in treating the studio), but the results should speak for themselves.

Acoustic treatments are definitely on the horizon, as I view them as necessary especially as we get closer to mixing the album.

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