on Huygens

Well, like so many people, I’ve been intrigued by the data coming back from the Huygens probe as it landed on the surface of Titan. This is certainly an impressive engineering achievement, and it also bodes well for science. Titan is one of the most compelling solar bodies in the solar system. Very cool.

But the Huygens probe is, obviously, named after the 17th century scientist, Christian Huygens. I am most familiar with his discovery of the law of entrainment, a law that has become central to my reality. The essence of this law is that a) the universe vibrates; and b) these vibrations seek to harmonize with one another. This is a proven law of physics, it is not mere mystical or new age theory. It works for all forms of energy exchange. I find that such exchanges where entrainment occurs tend to amplify the energy exchanged; it is a form of synergy. In my view, these kinds of synergistic energy exchanges feed our souls. I’m thinking of playing music with people, listening to music, sports, sex, or any other way you can imagine.

Though the Huygens probe is very cool, let’s give props to the lasting impact of Huygens.

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