I’ve been frustrated with my body lately. It started 3 weeks or so ago when I hurt my right shoulder hauling logs at our Yule fire. It got worse over the course of the next week, which prompted me to go see a chiropractor. He gave me an adjustment, and as I’ve heard is common in such instances, the spine realignment triggered a huge energy release. I think most of what I’ve been experiencing since then is related. The shoulder has healed; I’m sure I just tweaked a ligament or something. It’s fine now. But I’ve dealt with nagging sicknesses; headaches, sinus problems, nausea, and this morning I awoke with a slight ache in my right ear. None of these are major; they are all more just nagging annoyances. But I’m getting very tired of them.

Another energy shift with all of this is me enacting a change in my eating habits. I’ve gone back and forth with healthy and unhealthy eating patterns my entire life. These days I generally eat much more nutritiously, but I still eat too much, and the times at which I eat are far from ideal. I’m a night owl, and my food intake reflects that. So 16 days ago I reinstated an old, healthy habit of mine; no more eating after 9pm. It’s been surprisingly easy in terms of will. Usually I really struggle with it. So I’m glad to see myself making this real.

But physically, I’ve always felt best when I eat well AND exercise well. Yeah, duh. So because I haven’t been feeling as well since I switched my eating habits, I haven’t exercised. So it’s time to get back on that. Ideally, I’d like to take a walk every day, and get to the gym 3x per week. That’s a pattern that works well for me, and I think it’s the next step for me towards better physicality.

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