Dead grandfathers, Norse gods, and Hammering

Things in my reality are going quite well lately. We mourned our dead and celebrated our ancestors over the weekend. It was very good for us (meaning my wife and I) on a symbolic level; it triggered a really good release that was timely. I found myself thinking quite a bit of my maternal grandfather. I never met him; he died when my mother was 12. But in many ways, what he represents in terms of spirituality has been resonating with me; he was a Mason, representing a spiritual and metaphysical departure from the Catholicism of my family, and I owe my Norse heritage to him. It almost feels as if he has somehow been speaking to me these past few weeks. My grandfather had a Masonic ring given to him by my grandmother (who I knew well, she just died a few years ago), and recently my mother passed his old Masonic ring down to me. Funny how the ring fits perfectly on my right ring finger.

Indeed, my fascination with the Norse Old Ones continues; my happy local booksellers (consider this an official plug — cheaper and better mailorder service than amazon) supplied me with both the (Elder) Poetic Edda and the (Younger) Prose Edda for study. I’ve been reading several other texts on the matter; the thing about the Norse mythos is that pretty much any summary is going to be summarizing the Edda, which is The Original Text that nearly all our knowledge of Norse mythology comes from. It is certainly the earliest known reference to the stories of Odin and his clan. So the scholar in me will always prefer to go back to the original, primary texts; the fact that the Edda was written in relatively simple, plain language, with a good translation, make it a pleasure to read.

My exercise/diet regimen is continuing well; I’m noticeably smaller and fitter than I’ve ever been as an adult. Though last week I slacked a bit as I wasn’t feeling great, this week should see a return to my normal regimen, with new vigor since I picked up a 16 pound sledgehammer 2 weeks ago (I’d been using a 10 pounder with a 3 pound ankle weight wrapped around it). I’m working now, and quite tired from the weekend, but once I rest up tonight I expect to get back to my exercise regimen with a bit more vigor. I really enjoy hammering, the fact that it has spiritual resonance for me is only a bonus.

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