The Second Republic of Vermont

“Secession is one of the most politically charged words in America, thanks to Abraham Lincoln. Secession really combines a radical act of rebellion grounded in fear and anger with a positive vision for the future.

“It represents an act of faith that the new will be better than the old. The decision to secede necessarily involves a very personal, painful four-step decision process. It first involves denunciation that the United States has lost its moral authority and is unsustainable, ungovernable and unfixable. Second, there is disengagement or admitting ‘I don’t want to go down with the Titanic. Third, there is demystification that secession really is a viable option constitutionally, politically and economically. And finally, defiance, saying ‘I personally want to help take Vermont back from big business, big markets and big government and I want to do so peacefully.'”

Yes, it’s true. A historic independence convention was held at the Vermont State Capitol building in Montpelier, where the resolution is simple and straightforward:

Be it resolved that the state of Vermont peacefully and democratically free itself from the United States of America and return to its natural status as an independent republic as it was between January 15, 1777 and March 4, 1791.

I think this is fascinating. Of course, no one is giving them a snowball’s chance in hell, but it’s interesting nonetheless… I wish them luck. Maybe they’ll take Maine with them….

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