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So the studio build continues. Today we reinforced and expanded the mixing desk, adding a layer of MDF to the top shelf, several more braces, and an extra leg in the back where all the weight is. The top shelf, where the speakers sit, is now angled so that the speakers point inwards at a 60 degree angle, so that it is possible for the listener to sit in a sweet spot where the listener’s ears and the 2 speakers form an equilateral triangle.

This is ideal, in terms of listening. Plus, this sweet spot is 38% back from the front wall, which is a very good spot. However, I think the triangle is a bit too big, as the edge of the desk is only about 6″ out from the wall. I definitely want to get more cotton behind the desk.

After we finished building and installing the desk, I arranged everything out on the new shelf and begin the tedious process of rewiring the studio. The snakes are run, and I resoldered the broken RCA cable for the S/PDIF input on the sound card.

Can you feel the audiogeek love?

I thought that you could….

Anyway, still haven’t heard anything yet there. I’m dying to listen to audio through the speakers with the acoustic treatments up. Tomorrow night, I should be at this stage. Not looking promising in terms of getting drum sounds yet, may have to wait until next week….

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