still stirring

I’m feeling a bit better today. That’s good.

I picked up my PodXT Live today. I also ordered a Variax 300 in black. Very cool.

My attentive readers will recall that we ordered acoustic cotton recently for all the studio sound treatments. This material is reasonably new on the scene compared to rockwool and fiberglass, and one of its main benefits is that it is nowhere near as toxic as glass or mineral fibers. It’s also cheaper, it turns out, as I discovered when we recently ordered some online.

Little did I know how much cheaper.

I discovered today that there is a local, green friendly business that sells this stuff…. for less than HALF of what we just paid for it online. Doh!

Ah well. Live and learn. We haven’t finished our treatments yet (we’re only on phase one) and we’ll need more. It’s good to know that there is a local place to get it a bit at a time.

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