Well, I’m finally getting around to rebuilding the desktop computer. Only took six weeks…. :-/

I had really wanted to install Ubuntu Linux, mostly because they really seem to get what free software is all about. I want to like it, and indeed I use this distribution on my laptop.

But the new release, Dapper Drake, has a bug that prevents it from seeing all the partitions on my 2 hard drives. This, like, sucks. And stuff.

So I put in my LiveCD of PCLinuxOS that I had lying around, and sure enough it works flawlessly on this new hardware. I’m currently listening to headphones of Radiohead playing through amaroK through the LiveCD; this means that PCLinuxOS Just Works(tm). It sees the soundcards, the harddrives, and everything works fine out of the box.

So I’m presently downloading a version of PCLinuxOS that has the nVidia drivers already built-in for my nice videocard, it’s 61% done. Once it’s fully downloaded, I’ll verify the integrity of the disk, burn it, and run it on the desktop.

So hopefully soon this happy new machine will be running PCLinuxOS….

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