Winter on the Beach, and friends blogs

The increased amount of technical gadgetry in my life has been on my mind. The geek in me is of course delighted, while the luddite is somewhat alarmed. But regardless, these gadgets are tools that need to be judged by how they are used. I’ve always had an interest in photography, dating back to my high school days where I displayed a talent with finding interesting shots with a video camera in my high school’s TV studio. So I’ve been playing more with photography since I got my digital camera. I took several shots today, and liked these two:

These images are unprocessed apart from resizing. One of my next goals is to figure out how to process images in a visually appealing way. I have some nice tools at my disposal, it’s just a matter of practice and some reading. Great, yet another hobby for my Abundant Free Time.

On a related note, two friends of mine have recently started blogs. One of them, a professional photographer and my occasional political theory sparring partner, has created a photojournalist blog. Michael is a talented photographer, you should check it out. Another one is so far exploring social problems, economic problems, and their relations to science and/or mystical thinking. At least that’s my interpretation of psichron. But both of these look very promising to this reader.

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