back where we started…

…or at least it feels that way sometimes. It is easy to forget just how much progress has been made on a large project when you’re in the midst of it, having come a long way but still with a long way to go. This is how it’s been with the Freakwitch project for the better part of six weeks. Without the ability to use the studio computer, we’ve had to take the opportunity to write some new songs. It seems we’ve also taken the opportunity to ground some energy.

Well, tonight I feel like this blockage has been released. I have now restored the computer to its pre-sata glory. This means everything works, no pops and clicks in audio, so Matt and I can continue album production. But we still don’t have a sane backup strategy, so in that sense I’ve declared defeat. But there is a new strategy in place that should take us several steps forward.

I ordered a hard drive enclosure that is compatible with SATA drives. This way, I can store data onto this same drive, and connect it both to the studio computer and to my laptop, and edit music from either computer. This means that a)data will be backed up in a sane way, and b) I’ll be able to work from home, which should speed things up in terms of album production. The problem is the first one sent to me was defective, so I am sending it back to newegg and am contemplating ordering it elsewhere, since they are less than helpful with getting me one that actually works.

In addition, I ordered an audio interface for the laptop which will allow me to record audio, monitor 24-bit audio through headphones or through my speakers, and generally make audio with the laptop wherever I happen to be. It should be here early next week. I also ordered a RAM upgrade for the laptop, which I expect will speed it up dramatically. Now my laptop will have more RAM (768MB) than any other machine I have.

So in terms of production, we are back where we were 6 weeks ago. But from another perspective, we are now poised for the next round of work. Progress sometimes runs in spirals, like so many other energy patterns…

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