Penultimate Shift

I just finished my penultimate shift working @ AAA. I’ve accepted a new job working for RealTraps beginning on Monday. Lots of changes in our reality… good changes.

Lots of details to come, not the least of which is the laptop-wrangling I’ve done this week. I have a new laptop, and I’ll be writing about Liberating it from Vista. I will need XP for my job, and I’ve worked very hard to get XP up and running on my new laptop. Linux went in much more easily, of course.

Of course.

Anyway, tomorrow is the final shift at AAA. I like the turn of phrase on “penultimate shift” because it reminds me that something new is always around the corner.

2 thoughts on “Penultimate Shift”

  1. Congrats, Jim! Well, you may be abandoning scores of poor, helpless motorists who will now be left standing forlornly on the side of major American highways, as SUVs and large semis barrel by in the pouring rain and on black ice, but hey: now you’ll be helping poor, troubleshooting audiophiles assemble kick-ass sound systems. Kidding — this is awesome. They picked the right guy. Enjoy your new gig!

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