Gulf of Tonkin redux? and, Zeitgeist

Those who pay attention to what is being said in the corporate media understand that they are, by and large, tools of propaganda to shape public opinion. I still keep an eye on fairly regularly so that I can continue to see this. I’m particularly interested in what is said about both Iran and Venezuela, since it is likely that these two countries will be future targets of the US Military machine (given that these 2 countries have among the largest oil reserves in the world).

Anyway, on today there was another story that reminded me of the Gulf of Tonkin incident that launched the Vietnam War. It was reported that Iranian ships ‘harass’ U.S. Navy, officials say.

Are they for real? What armed force, anywhere in the world, would knowingly “harass” the US military without provocation? Knowing the technological superiority of the US military, and knowing the US military’s unabashed willingness to blow the crap out of anyone they perceive as “enemy,” I think anyone who would “harass” the US military would have to be insane. I just don’t think it’s likely.

Of course, anytime you have boys playing in their war machines, one must account for increased testosterone levels, so who knows. But then again, increased testosterone levels are known to bring about insanity.

On another note, a friend mentioned the Zeitgeist movie in a comment a couple entries down. I’ve watched the film; it’s fantastic. I highly recommend watching it, though I will say that if you are Jewish or a Christian, and unwilling to have your BS (Belief System) challenged by rational argumentation grounded in both history and world myth, don’t bother as you are likely to simply be offended. The film does do a great job of showing how religion (and here I mean organized religion, or as my father would say, the “Big-C” church) is little more than a mechanism for social control and domination, teaching people to submit to external, arbitrary authorities and stop thinking. Or as they say in a quote in the movie, to take authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority. Brilliant.

You can watch the video entirely online, it is available on Google video.

2 thoughts on “Gulf of Tonkin redux? and, Zeitgeist”

  1. What fascinated (and terrified) me was the discussion of the Federal Reserve and the national identification system (thank you Maine legislastors for just saying no ;). What was really terrifying is how entrenched we ALL are in the money economy and the fact that the Federal Reserve could call in the debt owed to them by the US government at any point in time, and we’d all be pretty screwed. Makes being truly self-sufficient pretty appealing :).

    Glad you enjoyed the film.

  2. I know what you mean. The story of the Federal Reserve was not new to me, I remember marveling at it years ago when I first learned of it.

    What utter genius, the fact that people can profit HUGELY just from the fact that we use a monied economy!?!?! You have to admire the genius of that, if not the ethics….

    I definitely am glad that Maine has chosen not to participate in the national ID, I just wonder how long it will be until Maine is compelled to do so….

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